N.M.Birader – Chankya Career Academy

We had a Guest speaker on 29th April. by name Mr, N.M.Birader. who is the founder of Chsnkys Career Academy in Bijapur . He had completed his Bachelors in commerce and M.Phil. As well as he gone under an IAS coaching in Bangalore. He didn’t pass that exam. Later he came back to his native and started his own Chalukya coaching center for the people who are facing Appointments exams for High school and Primary school teacher. On that time he had hut to tack class, 20 rented plastic chairs and 7 students with 2500 investment. In that time he only did all works like cleaning the class rooms and teaching ,marketing after  For 4 to 5 years he did too hard work but didn’t get any profit from his investment, later he was identified and selected on the base of his performance because whom he taught  for 4 to 5 years those were selected for Government job in huge number. He worked as accountant but he was not satisfied he left his job also. Came to his institution

Right now his annual income is 2.5 caror rupees with 120 staff . Coaching for IAS,KAS,High school, Primary school teacher examinations,  Chalukya publication, 5 science college, every year 9000 students were getting coaching. One unique thing is Birader is paying 80% of his income as teachers salary.

In his interaction he shared that for his institution quality is important not income. He never saw it as business. It was his passion and now also.  He said “when you are moving forward don’t look back after reaching your destiny don’t forget to look back. ” i was able to see his commitment and bounding which he had towards his work. Most of his students getting appointed. he shared his experience as well as his idea about to run the existing institution. I learned that as an entrepreneur we never lose our hope. Our effort and passion will show it result one day.


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  1. roshan

    nice……….am also student of Chanakya Academy (Biradar sir)………..from Roshan jagalur Davanagere

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